This class is for shooters who wants to use shotguns as their primary home defense firearm. This is a basic/intermediate shotgun class.

 Topics include home defense, basic weapons handling, reloading, stoppage clearing., types of ammunition, close quarter combat with shotguns.

 This is about a 6 hours, This is a classroom & live fire class. Class size is limited to 8 students.

The class will start at 8am

 $95 Pr-registration/payment required.

 Bring your shotgun, and at 75  rounds of #4 Buckshot (or larger) or Slugs. NO birdshot allowed.. You will need a carrier or pouch, or some way to carry 10 rounds of ammo on your person.

 Bring your own eye and ear protection.  Bring snacks and plenty of water.

Please email us to schedule your training.

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